Seeking the South


"There is no genre of American cuisine as storied as Southern", says Rob Newton

In his debut cookbook, Newton brings to life the regional distinctions and new influences that make up the changing face of Southern cuisine-a category of cooking as cutting-edge as any other in the world. as Southern regions' demographics shift and food cultures bump up against one another, Chef Newton reveals just how diverse Southern cuisine really is. 

As Newton explains, the pork and beans he grew up eating in the mountains of the Ozarks is very different from the shellfish-heavy food of the Lowcountry or the Cajun-influenced fare found along the gulf coast. And though often overlooked, historically under-recognized populations have constantly reimagined what the Southern table looks like with their culinary contributions: Enslaved African cooks perfected fried chicken, Middle Eastern communities helped introduce spices such as sumac to the Mississippi Delta, and Korean and Mexican immigrants continue to reinvent the grilled meats and vegetables that Southerners know and love. 

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