Home Edit


Believe this:

Every single space in your house has the potential to function efficiently and look great.

The mishmash of summer and winter clothes in the closet? Yep. Even the dreaded junk drawer? Consider it done. And the best news: It's not hard to do-in fact, it's a lot of fun. 

From Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the instagram-famous home organizers who made their orderly eye candy the method that everyone swears by, comes a signature approach to decluttering. The Home Edit walks you through paring down your belongings in every room, arranging them in a stunning and easy-to-find way (hello, labels!), and maintaining they system so you don't need another do-over in six months. When you're done you'll not only know exactly where to find things, but you'll also love the way it looks.

A master class and lookbook in on. The Home Edit is filled with bright photographs and detailed tips, from placing plastic dish ware in a drawer where little hands can reach to categorizing pantry items by color (there's nothing like a little ROYGBIV to soothe the soul". Above all, it's like having your best friends at your side to help you turn chaos into calm. 

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7" x 10"